Life is so beautiful if you are living in your own terms not on the terms of others - Eden Serrano The NursePreneur

Wages will make you a livingprofits can make you a fortune."  - Jim Rohn

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About Eden Serrano - The NursePreneur

Nurse, International Real Estate Investor, Speaker, Senior Business Partner of Freedom Business, FRICH REVO Ambassador. Featured at Philippine Channel 4 as OFW Heroes. Grand Winner as “Huwarang OFW” Family Category 2019 at The 700 Club Asia and CBN Asia Philippines. Featured in YES Philippines News Paper-UK and Ireland edition.

I came to UK to work as a Staff Nurse at Leeds NHS Trust for 16 years. I enjoyed being a Nurse helping and caring other people. I am very passionate, hardworking and dedicated with my job. I was working full time alongside looking after my two kids and my family.

My daily routine is all about time pressure: child care, school runs. chores and my job. and I started thinking how long I can keep up with this routine. Even holidays i cannot even spend time with my family. I am always working during Christmas and eventually the kids got used to it as they were growing up. But one time my daughter spoke to me: “Mum why are you always working? you care for other people but you don’t care for us, When will you stop working so that you can spend time with us.Those words struck me.

I realised that I was on a wrong path of my direction to achieve freedom. I thought that working hard in order to have pay cheque to pay cheques is the way forward to my dreams. I was wrong! Me and My husband started reading books such as : Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, The richest Man in Babylon, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Getting Rich your Own Way by Brian Tracy, The 7 habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey etc. How to Win friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. We attended Seminars and trainings and look up to millionaires like Warren Buffet. Determine to find out what their secrets to wealth and how to escape from employment. We were inspired by Warren Buffet’s quotes : “If you don’t know how to make money whilst you sleep, then you will be working for the rest of your life” We started attending seminars on personal & business developments. We learned the importance of having a mentors to increase our skills & fastrack our journey to freedom. We decided to joined a Mentorship program on Personal Developments & Real Estate Investments. Throughout the knowledge & skills we've learned we started taking actions.

In 2006 whilst me and my husband were working full time, We started investing into Properties in the UK and in the Philippines. We worked hard and learned everything possible for us to fast track building our passive income through property rentals, We buy then refurbish then rent out to families as a single let, HMO House of Multiple Accommodation and Service Accommodation. During the 2008 Economic recession, we were able to surpassed the property business and continuously building our real estate investments despite the difficult times.

In 2012, A great opportunity comes along our entrepreneurial journey. Our International FREEDOM BUSINESS was born. Promoting Real Estate Investment in the Philippines exclusively for Filinvest Land Incorporation through the promotional arm of Freedom Business PH. This opportunity had a great impact and big transformation to our Life with a mission to help fellow Overseas Filipino to educate, inspire & empower them to become investor / entrepreneur.

In 2014 my husband made a Big Decision to QUIT his Architectural Professional Job and decided to follow his intuition and embrace the life and lifestyle of a full time entrepreneur having a Freedom Lifestyle Business primarily on Buying & Selling Real Estate.

In 2016 I took a big decision to quit my Nursing career to embrace the new challenge of being an entrepreneur focusing on my Freedom Business lifestyle and not regretted at all as I am now enjoying my True Freedom, Free from Employment, Abundance of quality time with my children and family. I have the total options and freedom of choice, I am in the position to choose what i want to do with my time that no one can control of it and Now happily living in my own terms.

NOW I MADE THIS AS MY MISSION TO SHARE & HELP OTHERS TO ACHIEVE THEIR TRUE FREEDOM, If I can do it why others can't? Why wait to retire at 65 when you can retire Young and enjoy Life to the Fullest?

"Life is so beautiful if you are living in your own terms not on the terms of others - Eden Serrano The NursePreneur"

I truly believed that everything is possible it is all boils down into our MINDSET! Mindset plays a major role into our life. The results of our life TODAY is the outcome of our thoughts, belief, determination,sacrifices and dreams Yesterday. Always DREAM BIG and START SMALL and it will grow in due time backed with consistent determination, persistent and consistent Action.

Due to Covid Webinar Now is our Platform of Trainings

Pre Covid Seminars is our Key Ways of Trainings

My various charitable activities in the Philippines

Eden, I want to know more about your Mission !!!

Who believed that experience is the Best Teacher? Actually it's Wrong. How can you say that being the Life of a married person is good and happy if you are single and no children at all? How can you say that Employment Freedom is Great if you are still working full time on your employment and living in the terms of your Boss? That is why I believed Experience is the Only Teacher.

Now that you know that Experience is the ONLY TEACHER, I will share with you 3 THINGS , Once you understand it fully and act on it you will definitely transform your Life like myself.


Why is it that our Big why or our Big Reason is very important in achieving or pursuing our Dreams?

The reason why we really want to know a crystal clear reason to our Big Why? is the fuel that give us tremendous energy, power and motivation to fight for our dreams. Our reasons must be compelling big enough so that no matter what challenges and obstacle comes along our way we will not easily give up.

The journey or the milestones towards our future success takes a lots of sacrifices, determinations and perseverance. That is why we need a good fuel & energy that keep us going in any conditions. No matter what road blocks that prevent us pursuing our dreams it is strong enough to fight and not given up.


Achieving your   dreams will be impossible if there is no focus towards the  direction of your  journey. Stay focused and get that attention into your mind. It holds you in one place that enables you to direct your energy and time to achieving this particular dreams. 

During those early years, when I started  setting my goals towards my dreams, I realised that I wasted too much time and energy because I was always jumping from one dream to another, So what I did, I focussed in just one direction which I know it can lead me towards the achievement of my dreams, and that is to become an Entrepreneur. I held this constantly in my mind. I acted upon it and so now I already achieved my Freedom.


Amidst  the journey towards achieving your dreams are challenges and obstacles.If you do not have the right mindset then ultimately, you will fail. Good foundation would be to read books on personality developments, read the autobiography of highly  successful individual,  listen to audio books, and get a mentor.  

I remember years back, I was given a book, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. This book has changed my mindset to practice positive thinking and the Law of Attraction. I also learned that most successful individual have an optimistic mindset which lead them to a winning perspective and achieved success. So I realised that the single important factor towards achieving my success whether it maybe professional or personal ... is Mindset.

Once you grasp and understand your BFM and you give 100% committment on it your life will start to transform. As you are in the journey of your transformation there will be some challenges and obstacles but don't worry that is part of the journey towards a better future and the future achievements of your Dreams.

Stay committed and align yourself with your direction for a better future, keep educating yourself, stay motivated and focus at all times, surround yourself with positive and ambitious people, avoid negative friends and people around you as they are the road block to your success. Successful people never associate with negative people who has'nt have any dreams and ambitions in life, they are just an obstruction to your journey towards achieving the best version of yourself.

Eden helped her fellow Filipino OVERSEAS MIGRANTS & WORKERS JUST LIKE YOU TRANSFORM, Now its your turn!

“ Working abroad made me realise that it is not your status or position that will secure your future. I am at the peak of my career as a Nurse but with this realisation, I made sure and while still young and able, I maximised my earnings and invested in REAL ESTATE— this is truly the REAL DEAL! My husband and I invested our hard earned income with real estate. As real estate investors, this provided us more money through rental income, appreciation and profits generated by business activities that depend on the property. Just like all rich & successful people, we invested on real estate. It is easy and simple but you have to change your mindset into the right one. We believe real estate will lead us to our ultimate  dream to be free and rich and yes, we are going there.”

Eloisa Sedano | Staff Nurse Yorkshire UK

"Me and my husband have beed working here in the UK for 20 years as a nurse and we decided to invest in condos in Manila in addition to our rental apartment in Q.C. We are now enjoying the fruit of our labour through our passive income, Enjoying every moments of our holiday back home without any worries about money to spend because our income from our investments are enough for us. Dati kasi kailangan namin ang mag overime upang may gagastosin kapag kami ay nag bakasyon. Ngayon ay super kampante na kami at anytime ay pwede na kaming umuwi."

Lorelei Gamayon | Staff Nurse St. James Hospital

"I am into Real Estate because it's like hitting two birds in one stone. Not only that I will earn from the appreciation value overtime but I can also benefitted on passive income through rental which in this way, i am pretty confident that I will have additional money in the future alongside my pension from my NHS job as a Nurse."

Romelyne Paculanang | Leeds UK

" Bakit Real Estate ako nag focus ng Investments? Nagsimula ako mag invest sa isang Condominium at dito unti unting nabuo ang pangarap ko at ng pamilya ko. Sa 20% pa lang na naibayad ko meron agad nagrerenta ng unit ko. Thanks God it was fully paid now na di ako nagbayad kaya nagawa kong mag leverage until now at nagkaroon ako ng multiple number of rental properties that giving me a sustainable passive income. Kimikita man ako dito sa abroad while my Investments in the Philippines is generating rental income din. Rental Business ang nagbigay sa akin ng patuloy na income at peace of mind that my financial future is secured na "

Hazel Calling | Support Worker Cambridge UK

"Akala namin noon ay secured na kami sa aming monthly income dito sa UK pero mas maganda pala kung may investment ka na later on ay may pagkukuhanan ka ng additional stream of income.. We are very happy that we started investing our hard earned money into Condos from Filinvest and now we are continously earning passive income that will support our financial future. We can never look back when we were offered this kind of investments and we immediately said "yes" ,otherwise, It will be too late for us.

Gerwin & Mermaid Uy | Stockton-on-Tees UK

Imagine in the future lifestyle when you have your Freedom Business start working for you!

Freedom of Choice | Worry Free

"Imagine yourself owning your own space in most luxurious, nice and comfortable condo when you go back home for holiday without the hassles and worries in looking where to stay.And You will have the option to rent out whilst you're back abroad. Giving you the lifestyle of having a continous passive income readily available to support your holiday expense, financial support for family in times of need and forever pension.

You will have the option to choose if you want to retire young and enjoy the freedom of time whilst you can. Just like the rich people they can manage their own time according to their own pace. No boss to deal with and you can choose the things that you love to do.

When you have an established and enough passive income to support yourself and your family you have the freedom of choice. You can choose to work or not> You can choose how you spend your time to whenever, to where ever and whom ever you want. You can be like "JUAN TAMAD" just lying and his hammock doing nothing but he has a continues flow streams of passive income.

Applying Warren Buffet's quote one of the richest investors in the World that he said " Learn How to make money while sleeping or on Vacation" otherwise you just been working through the rest of your life. And the Good News is Real Estate investing is one of the solution in making money while sleeping or on vacation. It is totally passive rental income once it was been set up correctly.

Imagine when you all have the freedom to travel with no limitation and with abundance of time and money. You can just go anytime visit your favourite places to relax, rejuvenate and just purely enjoying your freedom with your love ones.Freedom Business Income is the key to achieve the true Freedom.

Let's Get Started,,, Time to Turn our Dreams into Reality!!!

Action Time,,,Freedom Business is the vehicle that transform my life from being a Nurse to Now a successful Entrepreneur enjoying my Freedom. We only have Two Options here either we Buy Real Estate to give us a Passive Income for Life or Sell Real Estate that give us a Business Income the choice is yours or may take it both Options just like myself,,I BUY & SELL Real Estate!


Why I buy Real Estate? Most successful people in the planet made their wealth on real estate fortunes. Thou they have other businesses but they believed and consider real estate as the safest and best vehicle for them to put their money to grow even further.

Once your real estate investment has been set up properly it continue to grow through the value appreciation and continue giving us a Passive Income for Life through rental income.

Other thing that I love real estate is a solid & forever asset that I can leave as legacy for my children.Not only that I am securing my financial future but also securing the future of my children and my family. That is why I love really Real Estate.

Action and courage is the key to start investing into real estate. Majority of our surroundings has a wrong perception about starting a real estate investing. They thought that ordinary employee can not buy a multiple number of properties.But in reality once you understand it fully how easy it is to start investing for as Low as $10 or £8 a day. Anyway I am here to guide you through the full process of your investment journey from the time you commit up to the turn over of your unit.



Why I love selling Real Estate? One secret in business success is you must be passionate on what you're doing meaning you must love your business, your product & services. Why am i passionate about my freedom business? For many reasons.

I am helping other people to secure their financial future by investing their hard earned money into a solid asset that last forever.That will give them a passive income for life.

I am helping them to leverage and grow their money to build their wealth through real estate investing as been proven as one of the best vehicle to create a solid asset for life.

I am helping them to manage their hard earned money by sharing them the secret formula of Money Management called the Freedom Wallet System.This is a very powerful formula wherein it teaches us how to always save for our Freedom Fund.

There are so many reasons why i really love my freedom business. This is a very fufilling business specially when you receive a very emotional testimonials like thank you Eden buti nlang nag start ako before, Now yung unit ko it already appreciated in value and also giving me a Passive Income kaya kung umuuwi kami sa Philippines ang laking tulong.

Regardless of your choice And no matter what option it is, You will WIN!!! If in anycase you're not ready to start investing yet take the Opportunity of Option 2 promoting Real Estate in the Philippines for Free giving you an exponential Freedom Business Income.

Are you ready to kick start the journey to your future Freedom?

Let's face it! If it works for myself and someone who are in the same situation like us. This will definitely work for everyone! Now we only have 3 Simple Options!

Do Nothing and Ignore the Opportunity :

We respect your decision but whatever that be it's always lie in our mindset. It's just our mind is holding us back in doing someting that we are not comfortable doing as our brain was designed that way to protect us. But if we are positive enough & brave with strong determination no matter what our brain is dictating us to do which is against the direction towards our dreams to happen, We have to act on it and continue fighting for the achievement of our goals.

The scary bit in real estate investing is no matter what the economy is doing property prices is always going up in value in the long run.If we will not act now i am sure it will be a big regrets in the future once you finally decided to purchase as the property prices are a lot more higher in price or it might not be affordable anymore.

Real Estate investment might not seems very sexy, but it's the most solid, dependable, predictably profitable way to diversify our other streams of income. And you don't have to be an expert to make very solid returns. All you need is comitmemt and taking Action!

Do Nothing and seek other Opportunities :

Whatever be your decision it's your predicament and intuition that you may think real estate is not for you. But honestly most successful people in the world made majority of their fortunes in real estate assets. Thou they have other businesses but they invest their money their business profit into real estate as their vehicle to build more wealth.

The problem with most unsuccessful people are tied up in analysis paralysis. They keep on looking and analysing different businesses and investments opportunities and they end up nothing because they never take action. So again it's all mindset just have an open mind and accept the fact that real estate is one of the best and safest way to invest our hard earned money as compared to any other form of investment vehicle like stocks which you need a proper skill to mitigate the risk of your investment. Whereas in properties you do not need to be skilful or an expert to start building your real estate assets.

Take Action & Grab the Opportunities :

Congratulations in taking action and enjoy the journey towards your future Free and Rich lifestyle by being a real estate owner & investor. This will definitely remarkable and long standing legacy created by yourself and for your family.

Investing is addictive once you learned, understand and experienced the beauty of having an investment that generate continuos cashflow. You will definitely want more and more until such time you will learn to leverage the income to buy more assets and you will become unstoppable. As you are using the income of your properties to buy more and more not coming from your own pocket anymore. That is one of the secret of most real estate investors having a multiple number of properties. They keep on leveraging the income of their asset to buy more assets and to build more wealth. That's totally passive income as they make money while sleeping or on holiday.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to START now, What will I do?

I am more than happy to assist you and help you start your freedom business today.Let us know your convenient time for us to discuss further. Or you may contact myself on +447809404580

What are the requirements ?

The initial requirements will be | A. BUYING REAL ESTATE | Signed and Filled up Buyer's Application pack + Passport + Reservation Fee which is directly payable to Filinvest Land Incorporation | B. PROMOTING REAL ESTATE | Signed & Filled Up Affiliation Form + Passport copy.

How can I send my Requirements ?

You can scan and email your requirements directly to myself @ eden.nursepreneur@gmail.com

What if I live outside the UK ?

You are welcome as our Freedom Business is an online business so regardless of where you are in the Globe you are Free to Join our Freedom Business.

How can I get trained ?

We can train you online and majority of our resources is online base. We also have private group community in facebook you will be automatically become a member once you submitted your Affiliation Form.

How can I get support ?

You have an abundance of support as I will be personally mentoring you towards the journey of your Freedom Business Success.

Are you ready to start the journey to turn your big dreams into reality?

Yes! I am excited to start Now Eden, Please Click Now!